Announcing The Christina Hepburn Breast Cancer Support Campaign

Cancer support for our mermaid Christina to help her down the path to a beautiful cancer free life

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - PRDelivery -- How do you ask a stranger to care about someone they have never met? How do you share the importance of keeping a precious soul alive? All we can do is introduce you to our friend in the hope that you might recognize someone you love. All we can do is ask.

Our dear Christina Hepburn has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive case of stage Breast Cancer that the Canadian Oncologists claimed to unlikely be curable by standard clinical treatments. Christina needed to seek treatment for healing and found a credible doctor with an integrative protocol outside of Canada.  We have launched the GoFundMe page to give Christina the chance to survive.

Christina is a member of many beloved communities. She is known for her warmth and gentle spirit. Her kind heart is her lead, and her steady resolve keeps her on course.

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Her message and gift incapsulate love, belonging, trust, joy, and creativity. Christina is a light to those trying to find their way, teaching self-acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and in time leading them to speak their truth.

Our goal is to support the recommended integrative treatment, which includes a combination of Hyperthermia Therapy and personalized chemotherapy protocols, targeted radiation, as well as natural and advanced alternative therapies. Christina is now in the middle of a 4 phase treatment plan.

The findings originally confirmed a rare case of locally advanced and aggressive cancer. On-going digital imaging showed that the tumor continued to spread into the lymph nodes. Time is of the essence. Will you please help us now?

We need to raise money quickly, and your gift can make all the difference. Christina needs to continue treatment, her diagnosis is severe, we ask you to kindly please help and share our GoFundMe link:

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Christina Hepburn

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