Author/Photographer David Goodman Announces June 27 Release of His New Book An American Cannabis Story

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NEW YORK - PRDelivery -- An American Cannabis Story, in bookstores on June 27, is a first-ever look at the inner workings of a modern state-licensed cannabis farm. This gorgeous 208-page coffee table book by author/photographer David Goodman chronicles an entire growing season, from seed to cultivation to product making, alongside farm founders Jade Stefano and Ben Short, a match made in weed heaven, whose love story plays a central role in the book.

When Washington state gave the green light for legalized cannabis growing in 2012, Stefano and Short, who were already medicinal home growers, jumped to scale their operation and start a farm. Their goal: to curate, produce, and process the most aromatic and pristine cannabis, as mother nature intended; sun-grown and minimally processed using organic and sustainable methods that aid in the fight against global warming. Together with family members, they founded Puffin Farm in the Yakima River Valley, Ellensburg, WA.

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In describing his book, Goodman said, "It's a behind-the-scenes examination of America's foremost cannabis pioneers and an intimate look at a family-operated farm.  My goal was to swing open the gate and show this new agricultural sector in a way that's never been seen."

Puffin Farm is not your average commercial cannabis farm.  Goodman makes that point by taking readers deep into the operation of this Sun+Earth-certified, pesticide-free farm.  The neatly rowed, sun-drenched fields burst with color; nothing like the backwoods grows of yore. Goodman's photography and storytelling capture the wholesome nature of the farm and provide an insider's view into the meticulous processes that create Puffin Farm's award-winning cannabis products.

Every page explodes with vibrant images of the majestic cannabis plants and expertly crafted products like vaping oil, bubble hash, rosin, and pre-roll joints. Goodman's photography is so immersive that you'll feel like you're standing in a field of cannabis flowers, inhaling the aromas carried on the crisp Cascade Mountain breeze.

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Choosing which strains to grow is covered in detail in the book.  That starts with carefully selected seeds that are sprouted, propagated into mother plants, then cloned.  In June, 1,500-1,700 cloned plants are placed in the ground to be harvested in early October. Goodman's gorgeous up-close flower studies fill pages of the book, showcasing Puffin Farm's signature strains, and he provides expert opinions on each.

"This book offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of stories and experiences related to legalized cannabis farming, and it will challenge stereotypes, dispel myths and spark meaningful dialogue," said Daniel Power, the publisher of  An American Cannabis Story with powerHouse Books.

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