Authors Of Legislation to Decriminalize Psychedelics In Detroit Launch Soul Tribes International Ministries To Treat Mental Illness

Soul Tribes International Ministries Shaman Bobby Shu
The Michigan-Based Non-Profit Organization Pioneering in The Emerging Market Of Psychedelic Therapy Will Support Treatment of Mental Illness Using Plant-Based Therapies

DETROIT - PRDelivery -- Soul Tribes International Ministries (Soul Tribes), a non-profit organization pioneering in the emerging market of psychedelic therapy, is proud to announce its official launch, dedicated to treating mental illness by harnessing the power of plant medicine. Founded by the authors of Detroit's Proposition E in 2021, which decriminalized plant-based medicines for therapeutic purposes, Soul Tribes aims to provide holistic, accessible, and culturally sensitive mental health care focusing on historically underserved communities.

In 2020, Ann Arbor became the first city in Michigan to vote to decriminalize the possession, use, and cultivation of psychedelic fungus and other entheogenic plants. The following year, Washtenaw County also introduced two policy directives to ensure the county would no longer charge criminal cases involving entheogenic plants and others.

The launch of Soul Tribes is critical when social, economic, and health-related challenges have exacerbated mental health issues. Black communities have faced systemic barriers in accessing mental health care, with cultural stigma and a lack of culturally competent therapists further complicating matters. Soul Tribes is committed to addressing these challenges by offering a unique, evidence-based, and culturally relevant approach to mental health care.

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"The use of plant medicine in therapy has been gaining traction worldwide, with numerous studies demonstrating its potential in treating various mental health conditions,"  said Shaman Bobby Shu, the founder of Soul Tribes. "Our goal is to bring this revolutionary form of treatment to patients in historically underserved communities, fostering healing and growth by addressing the root causes of mental health issues."

The organization is committed to ensuring plant medicines' safe and responsible use, focusing on education, research, and community outreach. Soul Tribes will work closely with licensed therapists, mental health professionals, and traditional healers with experience in plant medicine therapies. Additionally, Soul Tribes will offer mental health resources, workshops, and support groups to help individuals heal.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Soul Tribes has established a sliding-scale payment system to ensure everyone can access plant medicine-based mental health care regardless of financial means. The organization also seeks donations, grants, and partnerships to expand its services and reach further.

About Soul Tribes International Ministries

Soul Tribes International Ministries ( is a non-profit organization that provides plant medicine-based mental health support to underserved communities. By offering a holistic, accessible, and culturally sensitive approach to mental health care, Soul Tribes aims to foster healing and growth within historically underserved communities. The organization is committed to responsible and safe plant medicine use, education, research, and community outreach.

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Soul Tribes International Ministries is a change agent. We are a healing and deliverance ministry utilizing Sacred plant medicine, including psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, iboga, and others, to transform the mind, body, and soul. Our goal is to defeat mental health disorders through spiritual healing and empowerment. Soul Tribes International Ministries and supporters are the leading change agent in healing ourselves and our planet.

For more information about Soul Tribes, its mission, and how to support the organization, please visit to join the tribe.

Learn more about Detroit, Michigan, Proposal E, Decriminalization of Entheogenic Plants Measure here.

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