Barry Migliorini Arrested In Ruby Gem Case

Pear Shape Ruby
Barry Migliorini arraigned under penal code (487)A for Grand Theft @ Airport Courthouse Dept W30-Cae No. LAXSA105606-01

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. & LOS ANGELES - PRDelivery -- On June 2nd, 2020 Barry Migliorini signed a formal Memorandum receipt for merchandise from SJ Zale Atelier.  The merchandise description was a 478.45 carat natural custom cut lab certified ruby.  Over the period of more than a year Mr. Migliorini kept making promises that he a buyer and bear with him and if it doesn't consummate, he would return the ruby.  After numerous attempts to get an update, Mr. Migliorini stop returning calls and/or said he would call back and never did.  There were other people aware of this situation and they contacted Mr.  Migliorini directly whereas he promised to them that he was going to return the ruby back to SJ Zale forthwith.  Again, he never kept any of his promises and then went silent on all communications.  At that point SJ Zale was advised to file a police report to get his property back.  The police contacted Mr. Barry Migliorini and he said he had a claim against it and would send to the police the asked for support.  Of course, Mr. Migliorini had not complied and the detective issued a warrant for his arrest.  Mr. Migliorini was arrested and appeared in prelim court where the judge found sufficient evidence to hold him to answer.  The next appearance on 11-9-22 we find out is that the district attorney on call for that date dismissed the case without asking for the police evidence or call all/any of the witnesses. When Mr. Zale called the DA'a office for an explanation, they said they would look into it and call back with an update.  No call back was ever received. I guess it's like keeping with the current political climate of letting all the accused go...I will conclude that the police support in the Los Angeles Pacific Division was supportive, I can now imagine how frustrating it must be for the hard-working police to see these DA's do nothing.

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In the end, the ruby has a UCC1 filing against it as well as no title has been passed on the property, so technically if it were sold, it would be stolen property and possibly subject to additional legal and criminal claims.

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