Dr. Keith R. Chertok Uses The Periodontal Laser, LANAP®, To Treat Gum Disease!

Dr. Keith R. Chertok LANAP Laser Graphic PerioLase MPV 7 For The LANAP Protocol Keith R. Chertok
Dr. Keith R. Chertok uses advanced periodontal & dental technology to treat gum disease with the LANAP® laser from Millennium Dental Technologies. For those who have gum disease, LANAP can be used to kill the harmful bacteria under the gumline in a non-invasive manner.

BERKELEY, Calif. & SAN FRANCISCO - PRDelivery -- Dr. Keith R. Chertok uses an advanced laser protocol, called LANAP®, at his periodontal dental office in Berkeley, California. LANAP is a minimally invasive laser that treats gum disease without having to cut or stitch the patient's gums, using the PerioLase MVP 7 laser system.

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In order to treat gum disease, LANAP specifically targets and kills only the harmful bacteria under the patient's gum line, while leaving the healthy tissue intact. LANAP causes minimal inflammation and bleeding, promotes jawbone regeneration, causes little to no gum recession, and patients need less down time after their surgery.

By adding LANAP to the toolbox of potential periodontal treatments, Dr. Chertok is able to treat gum disease in a method that helps promote quicker recovery times for patients, as well as helping prevent side effects of traditional periodontal treatments, such as gum recession.

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About Dr. Keith R. Chertok: Dr. Keith R. Chertok is one of the top periodontists in Berkeley, CA. Our periodontal practice specializes in implant dentistry and laser gum surgery, and we use the latest technologies to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of dental care in Berkeley, CA. Whether you need treatment for gum disease, permanent tooth replacement services with dental implants, or a gum graft to restore your beautiful smile, we are here to help you achieve your goals!

Dr. Keith R. Chertok

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