EIG Global Trust Announce The Release of Their Fully Backed One Million US Dollar Value Stable Coin

EIG Global Trust
EIG Global Trust, a leader in digital currency transformation initiatives in governments Central Banks and commercial banks worldwide launch their EIG Bank Coin

NEW YORK & LONDON - PRDelivery -- DOVER, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES,  -- EIG today announce the release of the EIG Bank Coin, a stable coin, pegged to the US Dollar, at a per coin value of $1,000,000.00 (One Million US Dollars) each.
  • EIG Global Trust works with host governments and their Central Banks providing global assistance in the implementation of their Digital Currency Transformation Initiatives. EIG Global Trust consulted with all facets of the international financial community in developing this solution set.
  • With the 100% of equivalent value fully certified backing of the EIG Bank Coin, EIG provides extensive underlying digital capital in the value of over three hundred billion USD equivalent investments into countries and their citizens to invest in many humanitarian infrastructure and commerce projects. A digital economy is the basis for developing the economic growth of all the citizens of client nations in a trusted manner.
  • These humanitarian projects are now fully funded by EIG Bank Coin and reduce the nation's debt profile. For the first time nations have a partnership reducing national debt with a fully backed trusted digital currency that will expand economies, yet it curbs inflationary pressures historically connected to fiat currencies.
  • EIG Bank Coin has already been approved by several countries' Central Banks as their Digital Currency or will be used to underpin their separate digital currencies either established or in planning stages and will soon roll out their digital initiatives with the objective of transforming their economies from fiat currencies to digital banking and commerce at all levels.
  • EIG Global Trust will provide access to extremely large capital investment funding with a fully audited accounting profile, significantly reducing fraud, and the traditional lack of accountability of assets so a host nation garners a steady and robust economic growth profile directly benefiting its citizens at every level. This profile fosters stability in governments and the nation's standing economically in the world community.
  • A limited time sale of EIG Bank Coins has commenced through access to www.eigglobaltrust.com. This allows interested qualified accredited institutional, commercial, and private parties to seek investment into the largest fully backed digital currency release worldwide. Starting at a minimum of $100,000 USD equivalent, investors can purchase EIG Bank Coins with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD-C (Circle), USD-T (Tether) crypto currencies, and fiat currencies in USD, Euros, and GBP. This private initial direct sale is designed to prepare proper parties to partner in a digital investment arena on a commercial basis for the initial roll out of the EIG Bank Coin to nations' already on the establishment path with EIG Global Trust to transform their economies.
For further information regarding EIG Global Trust, the EIG Bank Coin or our partner opportunities, please contact EIG Global Trust below.

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EIG Global Trust

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