Forex Paradigms, New Book By Ivan Cavric

Author: Ivan Cavric Forex Frontiers: Essentials Of Currency Trading Forex Frontiers: Proven Strategies For Success Forex Frontiers: What The Pros Wont Tell You
Forex Paradigms: Developing A Winning Mindset And Profitable Trading Strategies to be published in 2023

WELLAND, Ontario - PRDelivery -- Forex Paradigms:  Developing A Winning Mindset And Profitable Trading Strategies by author Ivan Cavric is set to come out in 2023.  This is the fourth book by the author Ivan Cavric examining Forex and trading in general.  The book continues to build and expand upon the concepts previously introduced in Forex Frontiers The Essentials of Currency Trading, Forex Frontiers Proven Strategies For Success and Forex Frontiers What The Pros Wont Tell You.

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"After the publication of my last book it became clear that the concepts and strategies introduced required further elaboration"  stated Cavric.  "Even though the concepts are simple they are not easy to implement" says Cavric.

One of the main objectives of Forex Paradigms is to guide traders through a steep learning curve required in developing a winning mindset and profitable trading strategies using tested money management systems.  It's intent is not to demoralize readers but to address the reality of trading, while simple it is far from easy.

Forex is the common abbreviation for the Foreign Exchange Market, which its participants use to trade different currency pairs, e.g., EUR/USD and USD/YEN. Individuals can readily access this vibrant market by employing the facilities and services of one of the many available Forex brokers. It's heavily promoted by extensive marketing campaigns emphasizing how easy it for anyone to get started. However, it's crucial to note from the outset that Forex and trading in general is has a high degree of risk, and trading it successfully is no longer a foregone conclusion.

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Ivan Cavric has been trading since 1982. He started as an investor and became a speculator, Investment Advisor, Futures and Commodity Broker, and Options Broker.  In 2001 he became an active Forex trader and spent the past four years researching various trading strategies and trading psychology that form the basis for the book. He is a former Venture Capitalist and a corporate restructuring specialist.

Ivan Cavric

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