Implement The Exploration Of Charity In The Virtual World Concept Till The Very End

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Recently Mecha Infinity & Neuto House PH Charity Partnership Meeting

MANILA, Philippines - PRDelivery -- Recently, Mecha Infinity invited a number of KOLs from various fields under Neuto House PH to participate in a joint communication meeting. The list is as follows:
Cha Panganiban, Shayn Mangilin, Maine Eugenio, Melvin Rio Protacio, Charly Depositar, Yoriko Takashima, Kylene Dela Cruz, Charles Dela Cruz, Stephanie Ferreria, Pot J, Gladys Marcello, Adriane Oda, Jessa Yu Baat, Gideon Co, Christian Hedriana, etc.

At the meeting, the host first introduced the basic knowledge of the blockchain to the KOLs who are in attendance and introduced the development trend of Play To Earn blockchain games represented by Axie Infinity.

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As the most popular Blockchain game in the second half of 2022, Mecha Infinity has elevated the original P2E concept to a higher level, allowing players to play games in a "P2C" mode while making their own contributions to charity. At the meeting, the host focused on introducing the P2C concept to KOLs. Mecha Infinity will use part of its future income for public welfare, is committed to helping improve people's livelihood, and building Mecha Infinity into a bridge connecting virtual and reality and using games to change the world.

Afterward, the host introduced the progress of Mecha Infinity in brand promotion and community building to the KOLs. For example news reports, community numbers, online event participation, ground marketing activities, etc. Currently, Mecha Infinity is in contact with a Mega Filipino Superstar and inviting him as the brand ambassador of Mecha Infinity.

KOLs raised concerns about Mecha Infinity's charitable cooperation organization, charitable activity planning, and charitable cooperation with KOLs during the AMA Session. Mecha infinity stated that it is in contact with a charity organization and that they are already discussing in-depth cooperation between the two parties. In the future, there will be numerous opportunities for charitable collaboration with KOLS. Mecha Infinity hopes to collaborate with all KOLS and fans to promote the growth of charity in the Philippines. Simultaneously, Mecha Infinity announced that the first charity event will be officially launched in June, with some KOLs invited to attend.

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Following the communication meeting, Mecha Infinity expressed their expectation for the aforementioned charitable collaboration with Neuto House PH to carry out the concept of "exploration of social charity in the virtual world" until the very end, in order to allow more people to understand Mecha Infinity and join Mecha Infinity, whether they are players or investors. Everyone can contribute to the charity, allowing players from all over the world to create a beautiful blueprint of the Mecha universe.

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