Leaders Require Holistic, Evidence-Based Approach To Gain the Edge in Global Markets

Dr. Jamie Shapiro
Fortune 500 CEO Coach and positive organizational psychologist, Dr. Jamie Shapiro, moves toward Leadership Vitality in the most competitive market in history

DENVER - PRDelivery -- As the epidemic of stress and burnout skyrockets for leaders, Dr. Jamie Shapiro proves a holistic based approach to leadership is the key to optimizing personal and professional performance.

CEOs are typically relegated to narrowly-focused leadership coaching, yet many other high performers- like professional athletes- have access to a full array of support, including psychologists and nutritionists. Based on her own extensive corporate experience, Dr. Shapiro recognized the undeniable need for a more holistic model incorporating nutrition, psychology, movement, mindfulness AND leadership that wasn't being implemented.

"Leadership coaching is often focused between your ears; it's so much more than that. We believe that leadership is a full-body experience.  Connecting the mind and body is what unlocks our full capacity as leaders."  - Dr. Jamie Shapiro

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This paradigm shift could not come at a more apropos moment. The pandemic hastened the conversation that we need to be having about CEOs under fire and burned out.  A 2021 industry- wide survey showed a self-reported leadership burnout rate of 72%. The CEO role will continue to be one of the most stressful roles in society, but we can change the way we support C-suite executives as coaches.

Dr. Shapiro has seen remarkable success for Fortune 500 leaders with what she has coined, the "Full Body Leadership" approach. This model focuses on the individual's energy, awareness, relationships, and more globally, their organization and community.

When CEOs are able to tap into their own vitality with full body coaching, the profound result is the physical, psychological and emotional energy to reignite their fire as leaders.

Jamie Shapiro is the founder of Connected EC, a C-Suite Coaching firm based in Colorado where she helps create thriving leaders, connected teams and positive cultures. Jamie's vision is to bring a new form of full body coaching to executives and CEOs within leading companies.  Find out more about this work at connectedec.com.

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