Let's Make Everyday Mothers' Day

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Let's Take a Closer Look and Appreciate What Every Mother Does

LOS ANGELES - PRDelivery -- Can we agree that this precious, powerful, and giving nature that women and girls are born with is spectacular? She never gets full credit for all that she does. In every woman and girl the vastness of the original mother's nature is there.

If a woman never has a child she is still a mother. She knows how to say "Hi" in a way to make a baby stop crying and a man stop fussing. If the apple tree never has an apple it's still an apple tree. Every woman or girl can just look at or touch a man or a boy a certain way sometimes and make all of his immediate problems vanish.

There is much, much more to be said. "She gets us going. She's everyone's first teacher; just think about it, she teaches us before anyone else. She gets it done. Grandmas, mothers, wives, aunts, nieces, sisters, little girls (around the world) [O]h my goodness, my oh my, you get it done. ...You're somebody, sister! Really somebody, your time is now. Claim your fame!

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She's super special. Shouldn't we stand and make everyday Mothers' Day?

--Rodger Collins author of Spilling The Beans: A Book For The World.
Website: https://spillingthebeans.com
YouTube: https://youtu.be/y9hAeLNv3_w

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