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Is Meta making the right move? Trajan Wealth
How Meta Has Managed to Survive and If It's Still a Wise Investment

PHOENIX - PRDelivery -- Much has been written about the collapse of Meta (formerly Facebook). Trajan Wealth and portfolio manager for Expanding Moat and Defensive Moat strategies, Matt Coffina, have released a new blog post that discusses how Meta's stock has gone from nothing to soaring heights, and why it's fallen back to earth.

The history of Meta has been discussed in many ways, but the business history and investment strategy of Meta has been much less well known. Matt discusses what factors made Meta the powerhouse in social media it became, and how other companies have disrupted their business with varying degrees of success.

"Snapchat is a competitor to Meta, but it also gave Meta a new weapon in its fight against the thousands of other competitors for our time. Will TikTok's long-term impact be similar, by incentivizing the creation of Reels?"

By focusing on the investment opportunities with Meta, you may be able to see opportunities that my not be obvious to everyone else.  Examining the business shows that there could be signs for optimism when looking for investments. Despite the drops in stock prices, the company's performance is still strong and growing, and could still provide profits for investors who go against the grain.

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Matt looks at a variety of information, including new business opportunities for Meta and how Mark Zuckerberg may be able to succeed in markets that are only emerging right now.

If you're looking for more information on the prospect of investing with Meta, read the full blog post on Trajan Wealth's Moatiful Blog. Investing is a much safer investment when you take the time to consider all the information at hand, and this blog helps keep you informed when making important financial decisions.

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