NEMTAC® Announces Public Comment Period

TEMPE, Ariz. - PRDelivery -- The National Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission® (NEMTAC) is pleased to announce the opening of the public comment period for Draft Standard 1001 NEMT Levels of Service. From May 19, 2023, through June 18, 2023, stakeholders and interested parties are invited to provide valuable input and feedback on the proposed standard.

Draft Standard 1001 NEMT Levels of Service establishes a comprehensive framework for defining and ensuring appropriate levels of service in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) operations. It aims to enhance the quality and safety of transportation services for individuals with medical needs, ensuring that they receive timely and reliable transportation that meets their specific requirements.

During the public comment period, NEMTAC encourages individuals, organizations, and industry experts to review the draft standard and share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns. Public input is vital in the development of robust and effective standards that reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of the NEMT community.

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"We are excited to open the public comment period for Draft Standard 1001 NEMT Levels of Service," said Effie Carlson, Board President of NEMTAC. "The public comment process is vital to standards development as it fosters transparency, inclusivity, and ensures our standards are robust and effective. Every community contribution reinforces the integrity of the process and strengthens the NEMT industry overall as we move it forward together for the betterment of the transportation providers and patients."

To participate in the public comment period, interested parties can visit the NEMTAC website ( and access the draft standard document. Comments and suggestions can be submitted through the online comment form provided on the website. All feedback received within the designated period will be carefully reviewed and considered by the NEMTAC Standards Committee.

After the public comment period concludes, the NEMTAC Standards Committee (Certification Advisory Board) will assess the feedback and make appropriate revisions to the draft standard. The final version of Standard 1001 NEMT Levels of Service will be published in due course, following this review process.

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NEMTAC is committed to maintaining the highest standards in NEMT services and ensuring the well-being and safety of patients across the country. By actively engaging the NEMT community through initiatives like the public comment period, webinars, and conferences, NEMTAC® strives to foster transparency, inclusivity, and continuous improvement in the field.

For more information about the public comment period and NEMTAC's efforts to advance the NEMT industry, please visit the NEMTAC website at


The National Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission® (NEMTAC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing and promoting the quality of care in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. NEMTAC® offers industry-leading accreditation programs, educational resources, and certification courses to support best practices and ensure the highest level of patient care and safety.

Peter J. Hicks, Executive Director

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