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Mecha Infinity is a world of infinite exploration and possibilities where players can control the adorable Mechas for PvE adventures, PvP battles, or ranked match. Resources can be acquired, purchased, and freely traded based on players' engagement and contribution to the ecosystem.

The developer believes that the creation of the Mecha Metaverse must follow the natural law of real-world development, from birth to growth, from chaos to order, and it should be all driven by players. Through adventure, PvP battles, and the market trading system, players can acquire resources to improve their power, thus building their own homesteads or even kingdoms in the future. This is a world with a high degree of autonomy, as the developer will only invest 5% of the resources for the creation of the ecology, while leaving all the development to the players in this Metaverse.

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Players can even create their own brand new Mechas inside the game and upgrade them into one of the Mythical Mechas for a better PvP gaming experience, or trade them for decent returns. All these Mechas will surely be owned by players.

Community & Economy

With an open mindset, any 3rd party can easily access all art assets and Mecha's genetic data. Mecha Infinity encourages community developers to build their own tools and experiences, with exponential rewards provided to boost the joint development of a prosperous ecosystem.

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Defeat the Great Demon

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