"W1SH RIBBON" Emblazons TOKYO SKYTREE'S Tembo Deck! TOKYO SKYTREE is Opening the Door to the Future So That W1SHES Can Come True!

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Now Anyone Can "Make a W1SH" from the World's Tallest Free-standing Tower, a Spiritual Site in Tokyo

SUMIDA-KU, Japan - PRDelivery -- "W1SH RIBBON," a monument to the suffering from and hope for the people of Japan and the world during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, was installed at TOKYO SKYTREE on September 25, 2020.  TOKYO SKYTREE, operated by TOBU TOWER SKYTREE CO., LTD., is the tallest free-standing tower in the world, and the monument, has been placed on the Tembo Deck, 350 meters high. The monument represents the stalwart perseverance of humankind to overcome this obstacle to normal life. Visitors are given the opportunity to write their own wishes on the ribbon and tie it to the monument.

"W1SH RIBBON" is styled with a number "1" with a reference to each visitor's "one" wish, as well as a reference to TOKYO SKYTREE's status as the world's premier broadcast tower. The colorful ribbons, individually emblazoned with their own unique wish, surround the monument. The monument is sloped towards the sky so that the wish can be heard. TOKYO SKYTREE is also among Tokyo's most spiritual sites, and the W1SH RIBBON monument is intended to be a place where visitors can open the door to their futures, while waiting with hopeful anticipation that their wishes will be fulfilled.

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Ribbons can be purchased from a toy capsule machine (500 yen) as of October 5, 2020. Each capsule includes a souvenir badge to be kept and the ribbon, to be left and displayed. The ribbon color is random and cannot be selected. Next, guests write their wish on the ribbon, and tie it on the monument. Part of the proceeds of the ribbon purchase will be donated to the non-profit organization Peace Winds Japan (https://peace-winds.org/en/) providing medical and other needed international assistance. When ribbons completely encapsulate the monument, they will be removed and everyone's wish ribbon will be enshrined to Kashima Shrine in Kashima, Ibaraki Pref (https://www.japan.travel/en/spot/1458/), as it aligns in the same ley line (an imaginary line between places believed to have special positive energy powers).

In advance of the ribbon monument's public installation and opening, Fifth and Sixth Grade Elementary School students at Narihira Elementary School, in Tokyo's nearby Sumida Ward, were selected to write their wishes on the ribbons boding to the future.

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