Zonit Launches the World's Best Automatic Transfer Switch for Industrial & Commercial Applications

New Zonit Z-ATS-IND™ Zonit
After 14 years in the Critical Power space, Zonit is releasing the Z-ATS-IND™, a small-form factor Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) designed to withstand the harshest industrial & commercial environments for use outside the data center.

BOULDER, Colo. - PRDelivery -- Zonit, a manufacturer and global provider of power distribution solutions for the critical power industry, today introduced the Z-ATS Industrial, the world's best Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for digitally controlled commercial and industrial devices. Building on the success of the Z-ATS Micro, today's manufacturers, engineers, and facility managers can benefit from the reliability of the Z-ATS-IND™ to keep their organizations - and customers - operational during scheduled power path maintenance.

"The Z-ATS Industrial is a small form factor ATS that's ready out of the box and fits in control panels and other small spaces. Because it quickly transfers from the primary transfer switch (A) to the backup source (B) (and back) as needed, it increases the reliability of the power distribution path to digitally controlled devices by as much as 600% or more," said Bill Pachoud, Founder and Chairman of Zonit.

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"We're providing OEMs with a requested ATS product that is small, extremely reliable, efficient, tough, and has high capacity. The Z-ATS-IND™ is very hard to damage either physically or via electrical power quality issues. And unlike traditional slow switching ATS units, that often force digital processors to reboot, OEMs who choose the Z-ATS Industrial will get a fast-switching ATS guaranteed to keep the digital 'brains' up and running."

The Z-ATS Industrial is designed for easy installation and harsh environments. It's sealed in a strong aluminum case to protect against dust, it has a wide operating temperature range, integrated and patented T-slot DIN mounting for rail adapters of many types, and auto-ranges from 100 to 277V with 10 to 16 amp capacity – meaning it is a product that can be deployed globally.

"The addition of the Z-ATS Industrial to our line of products takes us beyond the data center," said Randall De Lorenzo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our customers have been asking for an industrial solution that could be deployed in the field and our engineers have designed a product we're really excited to give them. The Z-ATS Industrial can be used in robotics and industrial machine applications, not to mention commercial control panels that support HVAC, fire alarm, sprinklers, lighting, elevators, security systems, oil and gas sites, cell towers, elevators and much more."

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About Zonit Structured Solutions
Zonit manufactures critical power solutions that are focused on power distribution, power redundancy, and secure power connections for IT and other devices. Zonit's goal is to help data center managers and facility managers improve uptime, reduce build & operational costs, and improve the sustainability of their operations. You can get more information at www.zonit.com.

Contact:  Randall De Lorenzo, 720-266-0054, randalld@zonit.com

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